Disasters of all types and sizes can strike at anytime.

The difference between an organization that survives a disaster and those that fail, is taking action before disaster strikes! About 40% of businesses without a disaster plan will fail after an event, with another 25% closing a year later. The purpose of ResilientWorkplace.org is to assist you in making sure your organization does not become a statistic!

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Here are three complementary resources to help you to become more disaster resilient:

7 Steps to a Disaster Resilient Workplace

This booklet offers a basic approach for organizations to improve their resiliency by taking steps to be prepared to survive and recover quickly.

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The QuakeSmart Community Resilience Program is a guided program to: 1) identify risk, develop a plan and take action to secure your space, systems, and structure in order to reduce injuries and damage; 2) prepare your staff; and 3) identify services your organization may provide to your community after a disaster. The program includes recognition for any of the areas you address. Also, additional information is available for other hazards.

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Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) provides the internationally recognized DRB Toolkit®, tips, materials, and other resources to improve resilience. DRB includes easy video instructions and templates to facilitate an organization creating or enhancing their disaster plan. These step-by-step guides and interactive content are customizable for each organization’s needs therefore producing tangible, measureable, disaster-planning progress covering your specific business continuity needs.

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